Trekking in Peru
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Climbing expeditions in Peru Cordillera Blanca & Arequipa

In Peru we have many possibilities to climb mountains, especially in the Cordillera Blanca.
Due to the large amount of options and possible combinations we are not going to list them all, instead only some examples that we find particularly attractive, are nice combinations or can be very well integrated in our trekking holidays.

Needless to say that we can organize any other mountain according to your requirements. Just let us know your ideas, plan, time plan etc.

Mt. Pisco with its 5.752 m/18.870 ft summit is a good beginners mountain and there is therefor often offered as an optional package with trekking vacations. Very often also found on itineraries of experienced climbers as an accclimatization mountain.
Easy access and wonderfull views all around.
From a logistical standpoint Mt. Pisco is quite easily combined with Mt. Chopicalqui (6.354 m/20.845 ft). Chopicalqui with its high camp on the glacier at 5.600 m/18.370 ft has all the aspects as a mountain for more advanced climbers.

In the same way is Mt. Ishinca (5.530m/18.145 ft) a rather easy beginners mountain which is reached from the pretty Valley that carries the same name, Quebrada Ishinca. The views from Ishinca however cannot compete with those from Mt. Pisco.
The main attraction of Mt. Ishinca lays at the Ishinca Valley itself and on the proximity of its neighbouring Mt. Tocllaraju (6.032 m/19.790 ft), which is one of the easiest 6000ers of the Cordillera Blanca.
It must be mentioned though that if the one and only goal is to get over the 6000 meter mark, the easier choice would be climbing Chachani Vulcano (6.075 m/19.925 ft, see below). Tocllaraju is not a mountain for absolute beginners. Without any previous experience one or more extra days on Ishinca are recommended to prepare for Tocllaraju.

Main goals of mountaineering holidays very often is Mt. Alpamayo (5.947 m/19.510 ft), also known as "prettiest mountain of the world" and also the South Face of Mt. Huascaran (6.768 m/22.205 ft) which is the highest mountain of Peru.
With an extra day or two you could additionally climb Mt. Quitaraju (6.034m/19.790 ft) from the Alpamayo high camp and from the Huascaran high camp you could climb Huascaran North at 6.655m/21.830 ft.

It is safe to say that the Chachani Vulcano (6.075 m/19.925 ft) is the easiest 6000er of Peru and it surely is one of the easiest on Earth. During the last years it has had only a couple of weeks of snow on its summit during the off-season (Febuary/March) so it is highly unlikely you will need crampons, ice picks and you won't need to be roped on.
Careful though: becuause Arequipa is only at approx. 2.300 m/7.545 ft and the high camp at 5.000 m/16.400 ft, proper previous acclimatization is necessary.

Mountaineering Cordillera Blanca

Climbing Peru Cordillera Huayhuash Blanca, Arequipa, Chachani.

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Climbing Peru Cordillera Huayhuash Blanca, Arequipa, Chachani..


Ishinca (3 Days) & Tocllaraju (4 Days), both mountains 5 days
(5530 m (18.143 ft), 6032 m (19.790 ft), 5-6 Days)
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate
Pisco (3 Days) & Chopicalqui (5 Days), both mountains 7 days
(5752 m (18.871 ft), 6354 m (20.846 ft), 7-8 Days)
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate
Alpamayo (often called the prettiest mountain of the world)
(5947 m (19.511 ft), 7 Days)
Difficulty: Difficult
Huascaran South
(6768 m (22.205 ft), 6 Days)
Difficulty: Difficult


Vulcano Chachani (2 days)
Altitude: 6075 meter (19.931 ft)
Difficulty: Easy

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